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Domino's Pizza Tracker Poll: Conservatives Not So Conservative

Politics and Pizza Poll Probes Preferences of Pizza-eating Public

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Domino's Pizza (NYSE: DPZ) -- Republicans and Democrats are different. Not only with their politics, but with their pizza ordering preferences, according to the Domino's Pizza Tracker Poll launched last week on .

"Our goal is to determine if ordering trends are similar among consumers who identify themselves as being affiliated with a specific political party," said Chris McGlothlin, Domino's Chief Information Officer. "Through our technology, we can match pizza and sandwich orders with our customers' self-identification with a political party to see what kinds of trends exist. In the first week, more than 61,000 customers have participated in the poll, and the findings are intriguing.

"The first thing that jumped out at us is that Republicans are not as conservative with their spending as we would have thought," McGlothlin continued. "Republicans spend more per order, and pay more by credit card. And, Republicans pick up their orders more often than Democrats do. Democrats love delivery service, have more diverse orders, and are more likely to pay with cash. Undecided voters -- well, they fall in the middle of almost every category we studied, which shouldn't be surprising."

The first week of the Domino's Pizza Tracker Poll showed:

  • Republicans spend more money per order, use credit cards more, like large pizzas and usually order them two at a time. They like to pick up their orders, although they use online ordering more than Democrats. Republicans are also more likely to add a Domino's Oven-Baked Sandwich to their orders.
  • Democrats stay in and utilize delivery more, are more likely to pay with cash and like more variety with their orders, more often adding chicken, side items and beverages to their pizza orders.
  • Consumers who are undecided about their political decisions end up falling between Republicans and Democrats in all categories but one: they are most likely to order extra-large pizzas, like Domino's Brooklyn-Style.

The vast majority of consumers participating in the Pizza Tracker Poll said they were going to vote on Nov. 4, but those who say they don't plan to participate in the election also have some common characteristics. Non-voters order the smallest-sized pizzas and lead the group of customers who are likely to order side items (chicken, bread) and beverages, without ordering a pizza at all.

Domino's Pizza will report the findings of Pizza Tracker Poll every week until Nov. 4.

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