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Domino's Pizza Asked: What Would You Do With an Extra 30 Minutes?

Sleeping Tops the List on "You Got 30 Minutes(TM)" Survey

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Domino's new "You Got 30 Minutes" campaign claims that customers have 30 minutes (maybe less, maybe more) of free time to do whatever they'd like because Domino's is taking care of dinner. This led the delivery experts to wonder what customers would actually do with their gift of time. Given the choice, most of them would spend their extra 30 minutes unconscious!

"Our new 'You Got 30 Minutes' campaign delivers the gift of 30 minutes to our customers," said Patrick Doyle, president of Domino's USA. "This inspired us to do some digging to find out what our customers would (or would not) do with the extra time Domino's gives them while they wait for the masters of delivery to knock on their door."

Domino's Pizza You Got 30 Minutes Survey

To gain a better understanding of the value of 30 minutes, Domino's commissioned an iCommunity(TM) survey of 200 self-professed pizza lovers with Gongos research company. According to the survey, pizza consumers are sleep deprived and tend to not have time do things for themselves. In fact, 37% said they would take a nap with their gift of time. In fact, that answer ("sleep") beat "spend time with loved ones" by a margin of 2-to-1!

Other Interesting Findings:

  • A gift of 30 minutes is priceless-at least according to 25% of those surveyed.
  • Need a break from the cold? Results indicate that 46% of those surveyed would go someplace tropical if they had 30 minutes to visit any part of the world.
  • Seeing stars? When asked if they could be someone else for 30 minutes, 48% of those surveyed said they would be a famous actor/actress. Only 6% said they wanted to be a reality show participant.
  • BFF. Out of the Cosby Show, Friends, Seinfeld and Cheers, 43% said that if they could see one brand-new 30 minute episode of one of these cancelled shows, Friends would be the winner.
  • He shoots, he scores! When asked if they could have been present for 30 minutes to personally witness one of the best moments in sports history unfold, 58% chose the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team defeating the Soviet Union juggernaut.

"What can you do with 30 minutes of free time?" said Doyle. "We'll continue to challenge our customers to make the most of it and answer the question in fun and unique ways throughout our campaign."

About Domino's

Founded in 1960, Domino's Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. Domino's is listed on the NYSE under the symbol "DPZ." Through its primarily franchised system, Domino's operates a network of 8,510 franchised and Company-owned stores in the United States and more than 55 countries. The Domino's Pizza(R) brand, named a Megabrand by Advertising Age magazine, had global retail sales of nearly $5.1 billion in 2006, comprised of $3.2 billion domestically and nearly $1.9 billion internationally. During the third quarter of 2007, the Domino's Pizza(R) brand had global retail sales of more than $1.2 billion, comprised of approximately $725.7 million domestically and approximately $510.7 million internationally. Domino's Pizza was named "Chain of the Year" by Pizza Today magazine, the leading publication of the pizza industry and is the "Official Pizza of NASCAR(R)." Customers can place orders online in English and Spanish by visiting or from a Web- enabled cell phone by visiting More information on the Company, in English and Spanish, can be found on the Web at Domino's Pizza: You Got 30 Minutes.

SOURCE Domino's Pizza 01/23/2008 CONTACT: Stacey Bednarski of Domino's Pizza+1-734-930-3274, Web site: (DPZ)